News stories that describe our situation as citizens (not consumers or human resources) of the world . We are humans. Our corporate masters only see the world as individual resources to be exploited. In some posts I will attempt to juxtapose two linked news stories. They are linked thematically, i.e., the two links tell a story in themselves and they are actual links to take you to the story.

Other sites:

21st Century Theater
~ This site is an eclectic series of fragments from an eclectic mix of sources and times. The person behind the site is just a 21st C. poet. There is a link in the menu for some poems called

21st Century Poems
~ They contain other centuries, they contain multitudes. They are often a comment – an expression – of our contemporary experience. While they can be read individually, I hope they will create a bigger picture, tell a more complex and compelling story, when read together.